Common Terms

Common Terms

    • Notaria: Notary. An attorney who is appointed to the position for life. They are the only attorneys in Mexico who can do closings. The Notary is responsible for paying all taxes, ordering Pemits for foreigners to purchase property. The Notaria sign the deed.
    • Escritura: Deed. You will want to save your original Deed.
    • Predial: Real estate property taxes, paid annually. A  bill will not be sent to you it is Paris at the Catrastro office.
    • Fideicomiso: Trust for 50 years with all of the rights of ownership: to sell, rent, live in, giveaway to a direct member of your family. The Fideicomiso may be assumed by the new buyer. A fidecomiso is fully renewable for another 50 years.
  • Primer Beneficiario – You are the first beneficiary with all the rights of ownership.
  • Segundo Beneficiario: Anyone that I name in the deed who the property will pass to in the event of passing.
  • Abogado – Attorney. The attorney needs to have a
  • Cedula which is proof that they have taken their required courses and passed their exams.
  • Agua rural – Agrarian Water rights
  • Agua Water bills are paid at the office
  • CFE – Comisión Federal de Electricidad. Electric company.
  • Telmex – Land line and internet service.
  • Telcel – Cell service
  • Cierre – Property closing
  • Poder – Power of attorney
  • Apostille – Translated document certified to be a legal document by the Secretary of State where you live.
  • Residencia Temporal – Temporary residence. This is initiated in the state you live in at the Mexican Embassy and is completed in Mexico through Immigration.
  • Residente Permanente – Permanent resident. Once this is completed through immigration you never have to apply again.
  • Hacienda – Government tax service.
  • CURP and RFC – Identification numbers that are available to all residents with the help of your accountant or Notary.

1 Meter = 3.28 Feet

1 Hecatre = 2.6 Acres

1 Kilo = 2.2 Pounds

98F = 36.7 Centigrade

68F = 20 Centigrade