Local Culture

Local Culture

The Culture and the People Who Live Here

Most of us live here because of the beautiful culture and people who were born in San Pancho or have moved to our pueblo. Locals are so wonderfully accepting and welcoming to newcomers, which says everything about the gentle and kind people in this region and throughout Mexico.

There are also members of the Huichol and Cora communities who live here and truly enrich our lives. Originally these families come from the highlands or our surrounding area. The rest of our residents and visitors come from all points on the globe with an open heart and a dream. The community overall is very welcoming, non judgemental and helpful.

Saint Francis of Assisi - San Francisco - San Pancho

Saint Francis of Assisi – San Francisco – San Pancho

  • There is music and art everywhere, certainly common denominators. So it seems our friends are either playing an instrument or creating with a paint brush. Speaking the language certainly opens the cultural doors and there are classes at Entre Amigos or privately.
  • Part of the culture in San Pancho is a group dedicated to helping animals, San Pancho Animales assists with spay and neuter, fostering and adoption.

Religion is Catholicism or Jehovah Witness, or protestant, or spiritual or representations of Nature for the Huichol and Cora families who honor nature in their religious practices.

If you are walking to the beach allow for an extra half hour because of all the holas and hugs enroute.